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Christine Galatis of Oh My Motherhood was recently interviewed for the BostonVoyager!

A Letter of Introduction From Our Founder

There was a moment during college that stands out in shaping the future of my life work.  In an anthropology course at Wellesley College, in a class of all females (most classes were like that at Wellesley), I learned of women’s healthcare across the world. During one of those classes we were introduced to a midwife who practiced in New Mexico. What struck me most was the story of how most people assumed the midwife had become a midwife because of a love for babies when, in fact, it was her love for women.

I, too, am doing what I am doing because of a love for women. With both love and awe I have the privilege of witnessing women as they exhibit great strength, spirit, and rawness while navigating pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

The idea for Oh My Motherhood came to me in 2015 shortly after giving birth to my daughter. My transition into motherhood was neither graceful nor pretty. I required a village of friends, family, and a number of professionals to get to a place where I felt that I was no longer drowning but swimming with ease. It is my great hope that Oh My Motherhood becomes a village for mothers everywhere. Whether it is the shoulder to cry on, nourishing meals to eat, or information they are seeking, Oh My Motherhood will be here to put mothers at ease while they take on the more difficult task of raising their babies.

With Oh My Motherhood I seek to encourage women to simply be, not become, the women and mothers they are. I hope you will join me on our journeys together.

Christine Galatis, Certified Birth Doula (CBD), Certified Postpartum Doula (CPD), Certified Childbirth Educator (CCEd)
January 2017

Christine Galatis - Oh My Motherhood

Oh My Motherhood Blog

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