Education for Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Beyond

Education for Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Beyond

Please inquire about the pricing.

Education for Pregnancy, Childbirth, & Beyond

In-Home Private Education

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  • Pregnancy
    Break down of each trimester; Health, nutrition, and exercise (including herbal remedies, teas, and helpful foods);Preparation for labor
  • Childbirth
    Common signs of labor; Stages of labor – physical, emotional, and mental; How to navigate a healthcare setting while in labor; Pain relief – medication and other methods
  • Breastfeeding
  • Motherhood/Parenthood
  • Combination Class: all classes above can be combined together for a 20% discount on total

Group Classes

  • Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Parenting

Everything you need to know to aim for a natural birth and breakdown of hospital policies in the surrounding communities; A realistic overview to what to expect during childbirth, pain management, and immediately after; Postpartum preparation including how to put on a baby carrier, ways to go food shopping/run errands with newborn, where to find support networks in your area, and helpful tips on how to adjust to a new sleep schedule

Pregnancy and Birth Coaching

Pregnancy and Birth Coaching

Please inquire about the pricing.

Pregnancy Coaching

  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings to go over nutrition, exercise, and emotional well-being through each stage of pregnancy
  • Education on herbal remedies to assist with various pregnancy ailments

Labor & Delivery Coaching

  • Emotional, educational, and physical support to mother and family prenatally and during birth (in hospital or in-home)
  • Pain relief using massage, hot/cold sacks, verbal coaching, and more
  • Constant presence of support and encouragement
  • Education on medical procedures, medical policies, and alternatives
Pregnancy and Birth Coaching
Postpartum Assistance

Postpartum Assistance

Please inquire about the pricing.

Nutritional Support

  • In-home meal preparation specifically geared to postpartum recovery*
  • In-home tea and infusion preparations for postpartum physical recovery, emotional stability, and lactation support*
  • In-home meal preparation for family (can be made for special dietary restrictions)*

Physical Support

  • Postpartum warm oil massage
  • Breastfeeding support for position, latch, and any complications or obstacles
  • Abdominal wrapping*
  • Referrals to medical professionals and local support groups when needed
Postpartum Assistance

Educational Support

  • Newborn care
  • Breastfeeding basics & complications
  • Postpartum changes to body and mind
  • Adjusting to motherhood and parenthood
  • Referrals to medical professionals and local support groups when needed

Emotional Support

  • Household cleaning and organization
  • Child care for older children and for baby when necessary (especially when mom wants to nap or shower)
  • Referrals to medical professionals and local support groups when needed
Breastfeeding Counselor

Breastfeeding Counseling

Please inquire about the pricing.

Please note, I offer breastfeeding support with my Postpartum Services. The price for a breastfeeding session is for an individual session that takes place outside of the postpartum services.

  • Education on breastfeeding skills and techniques
  • Discuss and offer guidance on breastfeeding difficulties that arise
  • Hands-on breastfeeding assistance for you and your baby covering proper technique, position, and latch
  • Referrals to medical professionals when necessary